Our Services

Fund Formation Services

Selborne Legal Consulting’s fund specialists have helped structure, negotiate and launch a wide variety of successful private investment funds. We help syndicators, private equity funds, venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, and other investors launch private equity, hedge strategies, real estate, and family office funds with diverse portfolios. Our fund clients trust us to launch their new ventures because we treat our clients’ success as our own. We work closely with every client throughout the formation process to ensure that every newly created fund meets their growth goals while also remaining agile enough to adjust to changing market landscapes.

In addition to providing fund formation strategy, we advise fund sponsors, managers, and family members on all relevant securities and private equity laws, finance regulations, and ongoing investor responsibilities. Our services also extend beyond launch. We are available to help clients navigate all aspects of day-to-day fund and portfolio management.

M&A Services

Our mergers and acquisition lawyers maximize value for our M&A clients with the most current industry-specific expertise. As a boutique M&A law firm, we have built a reputation as trusted advisors to M&A clients across a broad spectrum of industries. We advise buyers, sellers, public and private companies, directors, and investors and funds in all stages of the M&A lifecycle. We are available to help clients find and evaluate M&A opportunities, conduct thorough due diligence, and advise our clients and key stakeholders through post-deal integration.

We understand that every merger or acquisition requires the attention of an experienced team. To ensure our clients receive the proper legal strategy they need, we established an M&A practice group consisting of our top M&A legal advisors.

Tax Planning

Selborne Legal Consulting provides clients with forward-thinking tax planning solutions that account for the short- and long-term goals. We work closely with our clients to strategically analyze tax aspects of corporate reorganizations, acquisitions and other dispositions, joint ventures, financing rounds, and restructurings.

Transactional Tax Planning

Tax planning is a critical element of almost every transaction and investment. Instead of treating tax as a compliance exercise, our specialists approach your tax needs so that tax planning becomes a proactive opportunity. Our planning services will put you in the best post-deal position by adding value and minimizing financial risk.

Selborne Legal Consulting is prepared to advise you on state, federal and international tax implications associated with a wide range of financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, structuring and reorganizing business entities, joint ventures, real estate transactions, compensation, and cross-border transactions.


In our years of assisting domestic and international clients, we have successfully addressed complex international tax implications in many jurisdictions to achieve globally tax-efficient solutions. We are available to advise public and private companies on all aspects of ownership structure, operations, foreign tax credits, cross border transactions, among other common international tax issues. We also provide expertise in modeling the tax impact of transactions as well as the ongoing tax impacts of the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


For many years, Selborne Legal Consulting has helped international businesses review their corporate structure to ensure it provides the most effective means of achieving key business goals in a global tax landscape. As tax planning consultants, we will work tirelessly to put our clients in the best strategic position to execute their commercial plans while ensuring appropriate tax efficiency.

Capital Raising Advisory Services for Founders and Investors

Our venture capital and emerging growth practice group houses an experienced team of venture capital attorneys and startup attorneys focused on providing top-tier growth strategy to founders and investors. Having helped entrepreneurs and investors develop, grow, and exit profitable ventures for many years, our startup attorneys know what it takes to successfully move our clients beyond bootstrapping. We have guided clients through many early and late-stage growth rounds, taking their companies from emerging competitors to established market leaders.

Our attorneys at Selborne Legal Consulting provide strategic counsel to startup clients in a broad range of markets, including tech, fashion, entertainment, real estate, and others. Through the years, our leaders have built lasting relationships with key organizations and investors who are able to make investments in growing companies. We are available to help founders and investors secure various kinds of funding, including: (i) angel/seed funding, (ii) accelerator and incubator programs, (iii) venture capital, (iv) crowdfunding and (v) debt financing.

Corporate Advisory Services

At Selborne Legal Consulting, our corporate lawyers have a deep understanding of the importance of well managed corporate governance, particularly during times of growth and change. Our team advises companies, board members, board committees and management on legal compliance issues related to the day-to-day activities of the company and also with changes related to high value transactions that will impact governance. We are available to help management, board members and other stakeholders navigate complex corporate governance issues related to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other strategic transactions.

Corporate governance is not only a complex area of transactional compliance, but also a quickly developing area of law. To ensure that our clients remain up to date on all corporate governance best practices, our corporate and M&A practice group continuously monitors changes and developments in the legal and regulatory landscape.

Investor Services

We provide services to investors ranging from seasoned venture capitalists to high net worth individuals and family offices.  Selborne Legal Consulting provides investors with expert legal strategy that adds value to their portfolio investments, minimizes tax consequences and reduces overall transaction risk. Here at Selborne, our team of forward-thinking attorneys will work closely with you to develop a progressive and flexible investment strategy. We are available to help investors navigate new investments, mature funding rounds, strategic transactions, corporate matters, and other issues related to portfolio development and management.

Our attorneys are also available to provide creative portfolio monitoring solutions to help your investments remain healthy and free from fiduciary violations, fraud, or other damaging activity. We are available to consult with our clients at every level to facilitate productive conversations to resolve external disputes, fiduciary violations, board disputes, M&A disputes, and other legal issues that impact investor rights.