We are a client-centered boutique firm that strongly values the relationships we have with our clients.

We understand that investors, business owners, buyers and sellers must regularly negotiate varying risks and uncertainty as a part of their business strategy.

As your legal counsel, our goal is to provide you with expert industry-specific legal advice which will help execute your strategy. To that end, we offer flexible alternative fee agreements (AFAs) to help you reduce risk and uncertainty while putting you in the best position to succeed.

AFAs are fee structure alternatives to the typical hourly billing fee agreements that most law firms provide. Our AFAs can be customized to fit each client’s needs and goals. We offer fixed-fee pricing for business formations, fund and syndication formations, investments, and M&A transactions.

Alternative Fee Agreement Options at Selborne Legal Consulting

Fixed Fee Per Matter

Clients pay a flat fee for each matter or series of matters.

Fixed Fee Per Stage

Clients pay a flat fee for each particular stage or stages of a matter.

Fee Cap Per Stage or Matter

Under this structure, we will bill hourly for each stage or matter, but we will not bill above the cap agreed upon.

Success-Based Fee

Clients pay at the conclusion of the transaction only if the outcome is a success. For each transaction, the term “success” will be defined in advance. Clients do not make any payment if the matter falls short of success.

Value-Based Fee

Under this fee structure, clients and Selborne Legal Consulting agree in writing what the anticipated value of the representation is after considering the client’s objectives and before rendering any services. The flat fee will reflect that valuation.

How AFAs Benefit Our Clients

Fees Reduce Uncertainty and Total Cost Exposure

By using AFAs, our clients are better able to predict future costs as they budget the transaction cost. They also help our clients determine the overall value of a particular transaction by encouraging more discussion of what success looks like for that transaction.

AFAs also limit our clients’ overall cost exposure, allowing them to make important business decisions without worrying that a particular matter might become more complicated than predicted, and too expensive.

In tandem, flat fees will ease reporting requirements and transparency to management, boards, committees and shareholders.

All of Our AFA Options are Customizable

Our practice groups represent clients of all sizes, from large companies to family office funds. To accommodate our clients and ensure that our flat fees accurately represent the predicted labor, our AFAs are fully customizable. By providing custom AFAs, we can ensure that our clients are not overpaying.

AFAs Provide Incentives and Minimize Chances of Disputes

AFAs shift a portion of the cost risk and uncertainty to law firms, which encourages more strategic thinking and creative solutions for their clients. It also reduces the chances of disputes, since the most common catalyst for fee disputes are complaints about billable hours and/or inaccurate total cost predictions.

At Selborne Legal Consulting, we execute our work with the highest level of professionalism and accountability. We’re able to offer AFAs because we are confident in our teams’ ability to deliver creative and effective solutions at a cost that makes sense for our clients.