Practice Groups

Private Equity / Family Office

Selborne Legal Consulting’s private equity practice group works closely with private equity and family office clients on every aspect of the fund lifecycle, from fund formation to profitable exits. We help individual clients, funds and portfolio companies navigate private equity law, develop ambitious strategies, and increase leverage in their chosen markets.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the investment lifecycle and can advise you on the best outcomes for your business across the entire spectrum of the private equity industry. Drawing on the combined experience of an interdisciplinary team of private equity attorneys, we provide client-focused, innovative and efficient legal solutions to our private equity and family office clients.


We assist both U.S. and global clients with developing and launching successful new funds which are primed for growth. We work closely with every client to understand their goals before putting together the right team of top private equity lawyers to execute those objectives. With our strategic counsel, we will ensure that the fund meets your business objectives, can operate efficiently and flexibly, and complies with private equity law.

Post-launch, the private equity team we put together for your fund is available to help in the day-to-day management of the fund and portfolio companies, including restructurings, refinancing of existing debt, add-on acquisitions, management incentive schemes, tax strategies, corporate governance, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, and investor relations.

Portfolio Company Acquisitions

Selborne Legal Consulting assists clients in thoroughly evaluating any prospective investment or acquisition, including the tax and regulatory implications of the deal, and compliance with private equity law. Our acquisition lawyers also advise on structuring, negotiating and drafting acquisition and financing agreements.


Our private equity lawyers are available to assist private equity and family office funds exit their investments, whether by sales at the portfolio level or at the fund level. We work closely with every client to structure their exit in a way that provides the best upside while simultaneously reducing exposure to risk.

Emerging Growth & Venture Capital

Selborne Legal Consulting is a boutique law firm with a focus on advising emerging growth companies as well as venture capital investors.


Our startup attorneys help ambitious clients navigate the unique challenges faced by emerging ventures. We understand the legal and business needs of innovative, high-growth startups – whether related to formation, financing, expansion or exit—and we are here to grow with you.

With decades of experience, our start-up and venture capital lawyers are prepared to help our clients through every stage of the company lifecycle. We have helped new entrepreneurs grow their pre-funding ventures, guided experienced company owners and investors as they break new ground, and organized successful exit deals for long-time clients who are ready to move on to their next venture.

Specifically, our attorneys assist both start-up founders and venture capital investors with entity formation, venture funding, corporate governance, IP protection, M&A deals and other strategic transactions.


At Selborne Legal Consulting, we are committed to providing every client with the legal strategy they need to reach their startup venture goals.

As a close-knit boutique law firm, we focus on building solid relationships with our startup and venture capital clients and creating long-term success for them.  Our firm’s partners are directly involved in every deal because we know that each clients’ success is our own.

We have successfully advised entrepreneurial and investor clients in various markets, including tech, fashion, real estate, entertainment, and others. Although the landscape of each of these markets is different, our goal is always the same: provide each client expert legal counsel to place them in the best possible strategic position.

Both start-up companies and experienced venture capital investors come to our practice team because they trust us to secure the expert legal strategy they need to succeed in competitive markets.

Strategic Legal Counsel at Every Stage

Entity Formation

Startups need to consider ownership structure, tax implications, future growth, and other important factors when deciding which business entity to form. Our startup attorneys will provide expert legal advice to help you form the entity that fits the needs and goals of your company.

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)

Every company, no matter the size, must establish appropriate legal protections for their intellectual property. Selborne Legal Consulting can assist you in shoring up your IP legal protections through necessary federal filings and strategic contract drafting.

Venture Financing

Our startup attorneys have expert experience securing funding for startups, and also working closely with venture capitalists and angel investors on deals to accelerate growth the right way. As a law firm focused on startups and venture capital, we understand the unique competitive challenges our clients face. We have established key relationships with investors and organizations that can help entrepreneurs take their startups to the next level and investors to make smarter investment decisions.


As your company grows, you and your investors may decide to make new investments, enter into key partnerships, or move into new markets. Our practice group has helped guide companies of all sizes at various different stages of growth and investment. With every transaction, we do our own due diligence to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected in every deal.


Mergers and Acquisitions can help your company grow or become an exit strategy. Although common, M&A deals require extensive review for securities and shareholder compliance. Our practice team will ensure that your M&A deal is compliant and in your and your company’s best interest.
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Corporate / M&A

Clients trust Selborne Legal Consulting’s M&A lawyers to execute complex high-value transactions the right way.

Selborne Legal Consulting’s Corporate and M&A practice group advises U.S. and global clients on strategic transactions to accelerate growth, increase market share, and capitalize for future deals. For years, our seasoned M&A lawyers have negotiated and closed effective and profitable merger and acquisition deals of all sizes. We also provide expert legal counsel to boards of directors, board committees, and executives on various corporate governance legal issues both in and out of the M&A process


We are available to represent buyers, sellers, directors, private and public companies, private equity and venture capital firms, and other key stakeholders throughout the M&A process. Our team will advise you how to structure your deal to minimize tax, promote future growth and advise you through the rigorous due diligence process before closing.

Strategic Consulting

Having executed strategic M&A deals in industries ranging from tech, to real estate, to fashion, we understand that not all deals are the same. Our M&A lawyers are prepared to research the most profitable merger or acquisition opportunities available, evaluate and draft letters of intent, term sheets, or non-disclosure agreements (NDA), and negotiate creative deal structures that will not sacrifice compliance.

We are available to structure and negotiate various kinds of M&A deals, from straight forward asset or stock purchases to more complex transactions, such as leveraged buy-outs and reverse subsidiary mergers.

Detailed Due Diligence

As a team-oriented M&A law firm, we value accountability. Our lawyers have perfected their approach to thorough due diligence, approaching every deal with the same focus and attention to detail.

We will closely examine every deal for compliance with corporate governance rules, antitrust law, SEC guidelines, state blue sky laws, and other mergers and acquisition laws so that our clients do not have to spend time or money resolving pre- or post-closing disputes. To ensure compliance, our team will closely review all seller specifics, including:

intellectual property
real property / leases
privacy and data security
material contracts
environmental issues
financing and securities (debt)
corporate governance
employment matters
foreign corrupt practices act
ownership structure

Efficient Closing and Post Deal Assistance

Post deal integration is a pivotal phase of any M&A transaction. During this phase, efficiencies and growth opportunities must not only be identified, but also carefully executed. Our M&A lawyers are available to assist clients with continued, post-acquisition deal integration.

Corporate Governance

Selborne’s corporate governance practice focuses on advising companies, board members, board committees and management on legal compliance issues related to security disclosure requirements and other regulations, corporate governance laws, and other laws related to shareholder rights. We also advise clients on unique governance issues related to compensation, change-in-control transactions, internal and external investigations, and complex financial audits.

Although we understand that certain disputes may be inevitable, our corporate governance lawyers work hard to help our clients build solid foundations and reduce risks. To that end, we consistently monitor corporate governance best practices and keep our clients in-step with this swiftly changing landscape.